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A new beginning

PPM Pure Metals arsenic production secured

We are pleased to announce that the arsenic production of PPM Pure Metals GmbH at the Osterwieck site has been sold to Lafayette Mittelstand Capital as part of a transferable restructuring. The new owner is an owner-managed medium-sized investment company which invests in leading medium-sized companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in special situations. Lafayette Mittelstand Capital, based in Frankfurt and Luxembourg, invests its own capital as well as capital from entrepreneurial families and institutional investors.

Lafayette places great trust in the management team and the employees of the now under the name PPM Reinstmetalle Osterwieck GmbH operating new formed company. The business operations will be continued in full in the arsenic sector.

We are operating under the company address

  • PPM Reinstmetalle Osterwieck GmbH
    Hoppensteder Str. 6
    38835 Osterwieck

Dr. Ulrich Kammer ( and Dr. Jan Freerks Riecken ( are available as contact persons on management level. Frank Wächtler ( and Dr. Jan Freerks Riecken ( are main contact persons for customer relations. Tobias Rebentisch ( is our contact to suppliers. The team is completed by Kartin Brunke ( and Stefanie Schweimler ( who are contact persons for human resources and administrative matters.

Under a new name we would like to continue the good relations with you - our customers, suppliers and partners - and look forward to a further good cooperation. We will contact you in detail regarding the continuation of the contracts. Of course, we are always available to answer your questions.

Osterwieck, August, 22nd 2020

Further information: PPM-Tochter in Osterwieck gerettet (German only)

PPM Pure Metals GmbH goes bankrupt

Arsenic production secured

Cessation of production due to insolvency

The attempt to save PPM Pure Metals GmbH by selling it to an investor has failed at the last minute. Therefore, PPM Pure Metals GmbH had to stop all operations on 31.07.2020 in the context of the insolvency.
The arsenic production facility at the Osterwieck site is able to continues production without interruption under the new name PPM Reinstmetalle Osterwieck GmbH. Due to the involvement of Lafayette Mittelstands Capital. 25 jobs will be secured.
While a solution was found for the arsenic production operated at the Osterwieck site, all activities at the Langelsheim site had to be discontinued. When the regular insolvency occurs, the insolvency administrator takes over management of the bankrupt company.

Links to further information:

Osterwieck, August, 04th 2020


Logo of PPM Reinstmetalle Osterwieck GmbH and postal address

This is the webpage of PPM Reinstmetalle Osterwieck GmbH

The company is represented by Dr. Ulrich Kammer and Dr. Jan Freerks Riecken
The company is registered at Amtsgericht Stendal with register number HRB 28691.
Our VAT-Number is DE 3321 941 43
Are registered at Finazamt Quedlinburgdfn> with tax number 117/117/02603.

Company seat

  • Hoppensteder Str. 6
    38835 Osterwieck
  • +49 (39421) 691-0
  • Germany