QHSE policy

Our quality policy

Our goal is a company-wide quality standard that makes PPM Reinstmetalle Osterwieck GmbH the preferred partner of satisfied customers, for the long-term and sustainable satisfaction of our partners. Therefore, every employee must be committed to the quality of the products, the added value of the services offered, the satisfaction of our business partners, the trust of our stakeholders and our environmental performance.

What do we want to achieve?
  • Products and services should always meet the requirements agreed upon with customers.
  • Even not agreed, but mutually assumed requirements in dealing with the customer shall be met to the full satisfaction of the customer.
  • Quality-conscious behavior must take into account the concerns of the environment and promote safety in the workplace.

Who is responsible for quality?

Quality requires the cooperation of all. All employees in the company are creators and recipients of work results, supplier and customer at the same time. Thus, everyone is responsible for the quality of their own work results.

How can we achieve our goals?
  • Avoid errors through preventive measures.
  • Remedy causes of errors systematically and reduce them permanently.
  • Constantly strive to improve the quality achieved.
  • To actively participate in the application and further development of our QM system.

Only consistent quality ensures the success of the company.

You can download our ISO 9001 certificate here.

Our policy on health protection

As a company in the chemical industry, health protection is essential to our daily operation. PPM Reinstmetalle Osterwieck GmbH is particularly vigilant with regard to its compliance with the associated legal requirements and the protection of the health of all employees and guests, in particular through safe plant engineering, the use of personal protective equipment, medical precautions, and other organizational measures.

Our safety policy

Early identification of risks and prevention related to our industrial activity is at the heart of our strategy. Given the activities of our companies, it is essential that working and production equipment be adapted and secured so that employees can work in the best possible conditions.

Our plant at the Osterwieck site operates under the safety regulations of the 12th BImSchV (12th Ordinance on the Implementation of the Federal Immission Control Act).

The safety report to be prepared in this context describes the measures taken to prevent accidents/incidents and limit the effects of accidents involving hazardous substances. These measures are carried out in accordance with the so-called PAAG process, the results of which are incorporated into a safety management system at PPM Reinstmetalle Osterwieck GmbH. The safety report also contains an emergency plan, which is has been coordinated with the relevant public authorities.

Our production and wastewater treatment facilities are licensed in accordance with the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG) and the Federal Water Act (WHG), respectively. These permits regulate the permissible immission values and the scope of the required monitoring.

The exhaust gases and wastewater from the production facilities are freed of harmful components in an elaborate exhaust air purification system or treated in a wastewater plant and fed into the municipal wastewater system.

Due to the processing of arsenic and arsenic compounds, the site is classified as an operating area of the upper class according to the Hazardous Incident Ordinance. In this context, please find below the mandatory Documentation. Accordingly, the last site visit under the Major Accidents Ordinance took place on Nov. 19th 2020 (Major Accidents Ordinance).

Our environmental policy

PPM Reinstmetalle Osterwieck GmbH supports ecological concerns by complying with the applicable regulations and thus ensuring the protection of the health of its employees and sustainable economic activity. With this in mind, the company's managers and employees are particularly committed to HSE guidelines. We also place emphasis on building reliable relationships with local stakeholders (interested parties) as well as local environmental authorities.

Energy Policy

The establishment and continuous development of an energy management system is essential for the continuous development of growth and profitability and is part of the integrated quality and Safety Management System. Our key energy aspects are:

  • Consumption of electrical energy for numerous thermal processes,
  • Consumption of electrical energy for drives,
  • Consumption of gas for building heating.

The management is responsible for ensuring that the energy management system is implemented by the employees and that energy efficiency is continuously improved. To achieve the goal, for example,

  • Employee training,
  • target agreements with the departments (including their measurability ),
  • awareness-raising at all levels with regard to energy efficiency as well
  • the involvement of employees in the continuous improvement process via the company suggestion scheme

are practiced.

In addition, management is responsible - beyond compliance with legal requirements - for reducing energy consumption, improving the energy efficiency of all processes running within the company and the energy consumption induced by our products during their life cycle. Within the framework of responsibilities and authorities, the management has appointed management representatives who are responsible for

  • the maintenance and upkeep of the system,
  • informing the management about the performance of the energy management system including necessary improvements, and
  • the promotion of the awareness of all employees to energy efficiency.

An evaluation of the effectiveness of the management system is carried out by the management four times a year as part of the quality management review. Among other things, the reviews also include the results from the internal audits, feedback from customers, process indicators, the status of corrective and preventive measures, and follow-up measures from previous reviews. The evaluation results in recommendations for the further improvement of the energy management system.

The company aims to enhance its image and secure its market position through extensive public relations work and via an open dialogue with consumers and authorities.

You can download our ISO 50001 certificate here.

Compliance and ethics policies

Human Rights and Working Conditions

PPM Reinstmetalle Osterwieck GmbH respects and upholds human rights at every organizational level. Any kind of discrimination based on gender, age, origin or nationality, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, religious or political views or trade union involvement is prohibited. Ignorance and inaction are no justification for any type of discrimination. Therefore, any violation of human rights as well as discrimination will not be tolerated. Prohibited are any moral, sexual or generally unlawful intimidation, harassment and bullying. We ensure equal opportunities for all in terms of career and work opportunities, labor relations and job offers. Human resources management, as well as relations among employees are based on the principles of mutual trust and respect, which ensures that each employee is treated with the natural level of dignity. In compliance with local regulations, trade union independence and the pluralistic organization of labor relations, a social dialogue is conducted with employee representatives. It goes without saying that the company and its employees comply with the applicable rules on employee privacy.


Data is collected and stored by PPM Reinstmetalle GmbH only to the extent necessary for the smooth operation of the business, the protection of health and the environment, and the fulfillment of legal requirements.

The company reserves the right to provide external service providers with data if this is necessary for the provision of services. The data provided will be reduced to a minimum for this purpose.

There is no commercial exploitation of collected data beyond the Company. In particular, the company excludes the disclosure of collected data to third parties for advertising purposes.

Further details on how we handle your data can be found in our Privacy Policy, which can be downloaded here.

Preventing crime

When performing work for PPM Reinstmetalle Osterwieck GmbH, all employees must comply with the criminal laws of the countries in which the Group operates without restriction. Employees who work on behalf of the company must, when delegating (to the extent permitted) significant discretionary authority to third parties, take care to ensure that the persons appointed are well informed and aware of their duty to comply with applicable laws and Company policies.

Employees acting on behalf of the Company shall refrain from any involvement in any alleged or actual criminal conduct. All employees shall adequately inform themselves of the applicable criminal laws and regulations in their area of activity so that they can identify or prevent potential risks and recognize in which cases (namely financial, environmental or safety issues) legal advice is required. Employees of PPM Reinstmetalle Osterwieck GmbH who have questions or doubts regarding compliance with criminal laws or regulations for an intended activity in one of the companies, immediately contact their supervisors or the management.

Bribery and Corruption

Direct or indirect secret or undocumented payments or accounts are not permitted under any circumstances.

Direct or indirect payments, as well as expenditures for purposes unrelated or only partially related to the supporting documentation for these transactions, will not be authorized or made.

Activities and transactions on behalf of PPM Reinstmetalle Osterwieck GmbH, shall be fully, correctly and truthfully recorded in the books of the company in compliance with the applicable regulations and internal procedures.

Employees entering accounting data are responsible for the accuracy of the data entered and must ensure that each entry is properly documented. All transfers of funds require the workers to be particularly diligent and attentive in monitoring the identity of the recipients and the purpose of the transfer.

Competition violations

All employees of PPM Reinstmetalle Osterwieck GmbH are obliged to strictly comply with the applicable laws and regulations, concerning competition violations. This applies regardless of their validity in Germany or abroad. In connection with competition violations, the misconduct of a single employee can involve the employee himself, his direct superiors, the management and the company in difficult and costly administrative or legal proceedings. administrative or judicial proceedings that can result in, among other things, injunctions, large fines and, in some jurisdictions, imprisonment in the worst case.

In terms of competition violations, laws and regulations are based on the principle that free competition without any collusion between competitors best serves the public interest. Participation in agreements or arrangements in violation of applicable laws and regulations, namely in the area of anti-competitive conduct, are thus strictly prohibited.

In particular, agreements, arrangements or proceedings with the aim

are prohibited, but not exhaustively.
  • to fix, directly or indirectly, prices, discounts or conditions of sale;
  • To limit or control production, technical development or investment;
  • to allocate markets, customers or sources of supply among themselves;
  • To tend to treat business partners unequally, to impose on them conditions contrary to normal commercial practice, or to refuse to do business with them on unlawful grounds;

If, in the course of their work, employees of the Company are in doubt as to compliance with regulations relating to anti-competitive conduct, they are required to immediately contact the Management.

Business terms

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For further questions around company policy and on ethics and compliance issues, the managing directors are available to them as contacts.